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[texts]Final Fantasy Chronicles (2001)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01360]
Final Fantasy Chronicles (2001)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01360]
Keywords: button; magic; select; battle; directional; tech; press; character; items; cursor; main menu; white magic; directional button; memory card; magic spell; fiiii fimsi; directional buttons; tech skills; mil firasi; front row
Downloads: 54
[texts]Ehrgeiz - God Bless the Ring (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00809]
Ehrgeiz - God Bless the Ring (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00809]
Keywords: character; attack; button; directional; player; gauge; ehrgeiz; opponent; select; game; directional buttons; special attack; physical strength; attack gauge; strength gauge; directional button; playstation game; mini games; start button; memory card
Downloads: 31
[texts]Need for Speed V-Rally (1997)(Electronic Arts)(US)[SLUS-00590]
Need for Speed V-Rally (1997)(Electronic Arts)(US)[SLUS-00590]
Keywords: electronic; screen; select; game; arts; options; arcade; warranty; championship; player; electronic arts; time trial; arts software; playstation game; game options; driving controls; stage options; rally select; press start; player screen
Downloads: 61
[texts]Star Ocean (1999)(Enix)(US)[SLUS-94421]
Star Ocean (1999)(Enix)(US)[SLUS-94421]
Keywords: button; select; character; haue; items; characters; press; specialty; buttons; vou; triangle button; directional buttons; circle button; shill points; fauorite type; circle commands; square button; priuate rctions; cursor mill; uiide range
Downloads: 32
[texts]R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 (1998)(Namco)(JP)[SCPS-45356]
R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 (1998)(Namco)(JP)[SCPS-45356]
Keywords: directional; button; select; menu; press; choose; buttons; grand; prix; decal; directional buttons; grand prix; time attack; select menu; saved game; edit window; car data; ridge racer; menu item; change car
Downloads: 74
[texts]Irritating Stick (1998)(Jaleco)(US)[SLUS-00775]
Irritating Stick (1998)(Jaleco)(US)[SLUS-00775]
Keywords: jaleco; irritant; game; scroll; select; edit; penalty; mode; analog; tournament; course edit; penalty game; memory card; directional buttons; jaleco software; irritating stick; irritant icons; event parts; playstation game; irritant select; tournament
Downloads: 24
[texts]Colin McRae Rally (1998)(Codemasters)(EU)[SLES-00477]
Colin McRae Rally (1998)(Codemasters)(EU)[SLES-00477]
Keywords: rally; championship; stage; gravel; mcrae; midday; memory; dusty; bhp; wheelbase; memory card; stage time; colin mcrae; time surface; mcrae rally; high scores; dusty gravel; difficulty level; wet mud; time trial
Downloads: 61
[texts]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lone Wolf (2002)(Red Storm Entertainment)(US)[SLUS-01473]
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Lone Wolf (2002)(Red Storm Entertainment)(US)[SLUS-01473]
Keywords: ubi; playstation; game; soft; screen; select; center; warranty; weapon; entertainment; ubi soft; technical support; playstation game; red storm; storm entertainment; memory card; kit select; game console; directional buttons; action phase
Downloads: 141
[texts]Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (1999)(Red Storm Entertainment)(US)[SLUS-00947]
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (1999)(Red Storm Entertainment)(US)[SLUS-00947]
Keywords: operative; operatives; button; mission; game; rainbow; screen; playstation; storm; buttons; red storm; directional buttons; action phase; training level; playstation game; software product; memory card; good idea; game console; body armor
Downloads: 164
[texts]Legend of Mana (2001)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01013]
Legend of Mana (2001)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01013]
Keywords: button; select; directional; menu; screen; elemental; cursor; mana; pressing; weapon; directional button; menu screen; land creation; menu ring; special technique; target area; left stick; elemental essence; special techniques; mana level
Downloads: 33
[texts]Vagrant Story (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01040]
Vagrant Story (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01040]
Keywords: button; select; ashley; weapon; armor; press; weapons; damage; cubes; magic; break arts; start button; directional buttons; left stick; battle ability; direct damage; damage recei; recei reduces; playstation game; menu screen
Downloads: 42
[texts]Parasite Eve 2 (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-1055]
Parasite Eve 2 (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-1055]
Keywords: aya; button; parasite; select; armor; energy; ammunition; battle; directional; mitochondria; parasite energy; directional buttons; playstation game; start button; select button; rounds weight; main menu; energy ability; currently equipped; status abnormalities
Downloads: 53
[texts]Digimon Digital Card Battle (2001)(Bandai)(US)[SLUS-01328]
Digimon Digital Card Battle (2001)(Bandai)(US)[SLUS-01328]
Keywords: digivolve; button; cards; digimon; battle; select; partner; deck; option; option cards; memory card; partner cards; directional buttons; digivolve option; attack power; digivolve points; card list; armor digivolve; select button
Downloads: 79
[texts]Threads of Fate (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01019]
Threads of Fate (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01019]
Keywords: button; rue; magic; directional; press; game; monsters; menu; defense; monster; memory card; strength increases; playstation game; directional button; defense increases; special abilities; equipped defense; vertical slash; slash press; ring strike
Downloads: 30
[texts]Spyro the Dragon (1998)(Universal)(EU)[SCES-01438]
Spyro the Dragon (1998)(Universal)(EU)[SCES-01438]
Keywords: gou; qou; directional; draqon; button; draqons; memorg; gnasty; theq; buttons; directional buttons; left stick; memorg card; memory card; vibration function; start button; save gour; card slot; review qour; memorg cards
Downloads: 37
[texts]RPG Maker (2000)(ASCII)(US)(System)[SLUS-00640]
RPG Maker (2000)(ASCII)(US)(System)[SLUS-00640]
Keywords: magic; select; tlie; set; data; edit; dungeon; displays; screen; main character; dungeon map; sample game; rpg maker; parameter increases; memory card; edit screen; test play; special attacks; sound effects
Downloads: 84
[texts]Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)(Squaresoft)(US)[SCUS-94221]
Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)(Squaresoft)(US)[SCUS-94221]
Keywords: tlie; command; magic; ihc; button; enemy; select; unit; attack; memory card; charge time; status screen; magic charge; lion war; card slot
Downloads: 46
[texts]Driver (1999)(GT Interactive)(US)[SLUS-00842GH]
Driver (1999)(GT Interactive)(US)[SLUS-00842GH]
Keywords: camera; replay; game; software; icon; mission; button; select; film director; black marker; memory card; main menu; replay save; demonstration car; card manager; parking garage; music volume; move camera; software
Downloads: 32
[texts]Syphon Filter (1999)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94240]
Syphon Filter (1999)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94240]
Keywords: gabe; weapon; cabe; directional; press; button; rounds; sniper; enemies; mission; max rounds; syphon filter; allows cabe; memory card; fire rate; dip size; dead enemies; size max; motion capture; memorv card
Downloads: 32
[texts]NBA Shoot Out (1996)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94500]
NBA Shoot Out (1996)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94500]
Keywords: yrs; rookie; starters; game; nba; player; reserves; press; select; michigan; yrs reserves; north carolina; game options; yrs chris; yrs anthony; select teams; playstation game; free throw; yrs greg; wake forest
Downloads: 42
[texts]Blaster Master Blasting Again (2001)(Crave Entretainment)(US)[SLUS-01031]
Blaster Master Blasting Again (2001)(Crave Entretainment)(US)[SLUS-01031]
Keywords: button; roddy; game; playstation; crave; vehicle; directional; analog; thf; enemy; playstation game; extra shot; crave entertainment; software product; memory card; extra move; plutonium boss; game console
Downloads: 32
[texts]SaGa Frontier 2 (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00933]
SaGa Frontier 2 (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00933]
Keywords: button; arts; weapon; select; character; press; cursor; screen; combo; battle; weapon arts; spell arts; directional button; pocketstation personal; personal game; event selection; saga frontier; status screen; menu screen; main party
Downloads: 48
[texts]Crusaders of Might and Magic (1999)(3D0)(US)[SLUS-00799]
Crusaders of Might and Magic (1999)(3D0)(US)[SLUS-00799]
Keywords: tke; ifou; ihf; tkc; drake; ifoii; ami; armor; und; playstation game
Downloads: 66
[texts]Dynasty Warriors (1997)(KOEI)(US)[SLUS-00438]
Dynasty Warriors (1997)(KOEI)(US)[SLUS-00438]
Keywords: cao; game; guan; liu; battle; character; warriors; musou; dynasty; dong; cao cao; dynasty warriors; liu bei; directional pad; xiahou dun; team battle; zhuge liang; zhao yun; zhang fei; sun quan
Downloads: 17
[texts]Xenogears (1998)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00664]
Xenogears (1998)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00664]
Keywords: attack; ydu; ally; character; yyj; gear; deathblow; ether; enerry; buttons; single ally; action points; directional buttons; deathblow skills; single enerry; ally increases; ally restores; status effects; merrory card; menu screen
Downloads: 39
[texts]Rugrats - Search for Reptar (1998)(THQ)(US)[SLUS-00650]
Rugrats - Search for Reptar (1998)(THQ)(US)[SLUS-00650]
Keywords: tve; button; yoo; angelica; yoor; fceptar; tke; vas; levels; objects; press tve; button button
Downloads: 19
[texts]Crash Team Racing (1999)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94426]
Crash Team Racing (1999)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94426]
Keywords: race; press; button; ctr; highlight; adventure; battle; kart; relic; left stick; directional button; memory card; time trial; relic race; warp pads; ctr tokens; wumpa fruit; loading adventure; high score
Downloads: 41
[texts]Eternal Eyes (2001)(Crave Entertainment)(US)[SLUS-01034]
Eternal Eyes (2001)(Crave Entertainment)(US)[SLUS-01034]
Keywords: magical; directional; button; press; mappemon; choose; puppet; analog; crave; playstation; magical puppet; small amount; directional buttons; puppet monsters; playstation game; memory card; directional button; buttons choose; analog mode; software product; choose
Downloads: 34
[texts]Final Fantasy IX (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01251]
Final Fantasy IX (2000)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-01251]
Keywords: abilities; button; character; trance; game; target; select; magic; status; battle; status effects; select button; final fantasy; directional buttons; trance gauge; playstation game; game console; support abilities; start button; select single
Downloads: 58
[texts]Harvest Moon - Back to Nature (2000)(Natsume)(US)[SLUS-01115]
Harvest Moon - Back to Nature (2000)(Natsume)(US)[SLUS-01115]
Keywords: button; crops; harvest; remodel; tlie; lor; game; farm; seeds; button button; shipping bin; select button; directional buttons
Downloads: 57
[texts]Bushido Blade 2 (1998)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00663]
Bushido Blade 2 (1998)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00663]
Keywords: warranty; sqea; playstation; software; attack; game; epileptic; electronic; attacks; limitations; sqea software; square soft; playstation game; software product; pacific standard; electronic arts
Downloads: 32
[texts]NBA Jam TE (1995)(Akklaim)(US)[SLUS-00002]
NBA Jam TE (1995)(Akklaim)(US)[SLUS-00002]
Keywords: player; acclaim; tournament; turbo; nba; ball; playstation; game; button; warranty; start button; tournament edition; acclaim software; software product
Downloads: 30
[texts]Toca 2 - Touring Cars (1998)(Codemasters)(EU)[SLES-01542]
Toca 2 - Touring Cars (1998)(Codemasters)(EU)[SLES-01542]
Keywords: race; mode; championship; player; controller; tracks; rounds; game; touring; high scores; car championship; support car; touring car; memory card; brands hatch; park national; hatch indy; donington park; computer cars
Downloads: 40
[texts]Final Fantasy VIII (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00892]
Final Fantasy VIII (1999)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00892]
Keywords: button; magic; player; screen; menu; select; character; directional; command; abilities; directional button; menu screen; junction system; guardian forces; final fantasy; menu heading; experience points; battle screen; physical attacks; personal game
Downloads: 62
[texts]X-Men - Mutant Academy 2 (2001)(Activision)(US)[SLUS-01382]
X-Men - Mutant Academy 2 (2001)(Activision)(US)[SLUS-01382]
Keywords: button; punch; directional; rny; mode; program; meter; super; game; select; rny punch; directional buttons; directional button; playstation game; arcade mode; super meter; memory card; customer support; cerebro mode; win counter
Downloads: 71
[texts]RPG Maker (2000)(ASCII)(US)(Anime Maker & Scenario Mode)[SLUS-00640]
RPG Maker (2000)(ASCII)(US)(Anime Maker & Scenario Mode)[SLUS-00640]
Keywords: event; tlie; character; button; set; select; tiie; screen; graphic; main character; event contents; event graphic; system screen; test play; scenario data; play button; event content; transparent color; top view
Downloads: 48
[texts]Twisted Metal (1995)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94304]
Twisted Metal (1995)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94304]
Keywords: twisted; sony; weapon; playstation; enemies; button; special; game; license; entertainment; twisted metal; sony computer; playstation game; special weapon; computer entertainment; sony interactive; rear view; view mirror; takes place; sweet tooth
Downloads: 34
[texts]Parasite Eve (1998)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00662]
Parasite Eve (1998)(Squaresoft)(US)[SLUS-00662]
Keywords: tine; playstation; wll; game; disc; iters; epileptic; attacks; clrsorwii; cnes; playstation game; square soft
Downloads: 40
[texts]Speed Punks (2000)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94563]
Speed Punks (2000)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94563]
Keywords: speed; boost; button; tije; race; whi; track; player; weapon; tiie; speed boost; memory card; boost bar; max speed; club house
Downloads: 35
[texts]Syphon Filter 2 (2000)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94451]
Syphon Filter 2 (2000)(Sony)(US)[SCUS-94451]
Keywords: button; weapon; press; rounds; mode; select; lian; directional; agent; sniper; fire rate; max rounds; clip size; size max; lian xing; syphon filter; directional button; rate damage; damage clip; directional buttons
Downloads: 35
[texts]Spec Ops - Stealth Patrol (2000)(Take-Two Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01131]
Spec Ops - Stealth Patrol (2000)(Take-Two Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01131]
Keywords: ranger; button; mission; directional; grenade; rangers; buddy; game; enemy; player; directional button; view distance; sfx volume; selecting rangers; ranger buddy; memory card
Downloads: 35
[texts]Beast Wars Transformers (1997)(Hasbro)(US)[SLUS-00508]
Beast Wars Transformers (1997)(Hasbro)(US)[SLUS-00508]
Keywords: energon; hasbro; missions; game; buttons; transformer; interactive; select; ttie; hasbro interactive; energon resistance; game console; directional buttons; game
Downloads: 42
[texts]Quake II (1999)(id Software)(EU)[SLES-01534]
Quake II (1999)(id Software)(EU)[SLES-01534]
Keywords: controller; multiplayer; game; frag; player; select; directional; option; quake; armor; directional buttons; controller port; multiplayer game; main menu; option allows; chain gun; buttons left; score screen; machine gun; controller configuration
Downloads: 25
[texts]This is Football (1999)(Sony)(EU)[SCES-01700]
This is Football (1999)(Sony)(EU)[SCES-01700]
Keywords: button; directional; press; team; buttons; player; highlight; choose; teams; select; directional buttons; memory card; directional button; card slot; team edit; quick game; style custom; custom cup; power bar; team select
Downloads: 35
[texts]Colony Wars Vengeance (1998)(Psygnosis)(US)[SLUS-00722]
Colony Wars Vengeance (1998)(Psygnosis)(US)[SLUS-00722]
Keywords: craft; button; buttons; weapons; becks; hud; analog; ths; thp; memory card; card options
Downloads: 38
[texts]Sheep (2000)(Empire Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01298]
Sheep (2000)(Empire Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01298]
Keywords: sheep; herder; player; select; button; game; screen; analog; breeds; memory card; directional buttons; select screen; game console; select herder; move sparky; mode switch; level select; ben everett
Downloads: 69
[texts]Spec Ops - Airborne Commando (2002)(Take-Two Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01447]
Spec Ops - Airborne Commando (2002)(Take-Two Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01447]
Keywords: mission; soldier; screen; button; ranger; game; brandon; program; ttie; brandon humphreys; inventory screen; airborne commando; supply crates; skill levels; playstation game; mission selection; mission map; memory card; map screen
Downloads: 31
[texts]Spec Ops - Covert Assault (2001)(Take-Two Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01420]
Spec Ops - Covert Assault (2001)(Take-Two Interactive)(US)[SLUS-01420]
Keywords: button; ranger; buddy; directional; scopes; grenade; mission; player; rangers; directional button; button button; view distance; player game; ranger buddy; buddy order; mission briefing; memory card; directional buttons
Downloads: 46
[texts]Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver (1998)(Eidos)(US)[SLUS-00708]
Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver (1998)(Eidos)(US)[SLUS-00708]
Keywords: raziel; spectral; button; press; enemies; plane; vampire; material; soul; warp; spectral plane; material plane; soul reaver; eidos interactive; warp gate; glyph spell; eldritch energy; vampire wraith; spell menu; playstation game
Downloads: 37
[texts]Thunderstrike 2 (1998)(Eidos)(US)[SLUS-00191]
Thunderstrike 2 (1998)(Eidos)(US)[SLUS-00191]
Keywords: eidos; directional; interactive; helicopter; game; button; select; thunderstrike; mission; disc; eidos interactive; directional buttons; start button; thunderstrike attack; campaign selection; playstation game; options screen; middle east; load game; limited warranty
Downloads: 20
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